Setting up a Web Hosting business

I’ve been interested in networking, servers and web hosting for a long time, and I’ve always wondered how the back-end of web hosting providers worked. I’ve been looking into the technology and software used in the web hosting insidery, and it got me thinking. I could do this!

In my local area, there are countless small businesses, ran by local people in the area. Most of these businesses don’t have a website, don’t advertise, some of them aren’t even listed on Google Maps! So I though, perhaps i could set up a web management company to help these businesses improve their online presence, getting them more customers and helping them to utilise the cloud for business management. May I present,

My aim for this business is to start off marketing to small, local businesses. providing a low-cost way to build a website, utilise google aswords advertising targeted at the local community, and use the cloud for business management, like an online booking system, CRM and accounting system. To keep costs low, I’ll utilise open source and third-party applications like WordPress to build sites quickly and utilise professional themes to create a stunning appearance.

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