4WD Obstical Avoiding Sonar Car

Next Task: Waiting on Design

Introduction and Project Analysis

For this project, I wanted to create a simple robot that had the ability to detect walls and avoid obstacles. I’ve built a 2WD version of this before but since then I’ve thought of some upgrades and an improved chassis design that will improve the robot’s ability to move and it’s appearance. This time, I want to create a car that has 4WD, making it more manoeuvrable and giving it more power to drive over rough terrain.

Time management and Budget Planing

Time –  This is one of my latter projects, coming up to the UCAS application deadline, and to expand my portfolio page with past projects, I would like to have this project finished by Christmas. This gives me just under a month to create a design, and an Arduino sketch, I may also need to wait on a set of extra motors to arrive.

Budget –  I have most of the components needed for this project on hand, I will only need to purchase some extra motors for the 4WD system. I will also need to 3D print a chassis, but I have lots of filament left over.

Project Specification:

  • 4WD System
  • 3D printed chassis
  • Ability to sense walls and obstacles then react to them
  • Arduino driven
  • battery powered



Implementation and testing


Evaluation and Improvements