Mini Metal Casting

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Introduction and Project Analysis:

I’ve always been interested in metal casting, so when I came across a youtube video on a DIY backyard metal foundry I got excited! This project will allow me to create a mini metal smelter that is capable of melting metals like aluminium and perhaps copper. I can then cast these into ingots, muffins or into casts I create myself. I have found a way to create metal casts using a 3D printer, this is called lost-PLA casting. I’ve always wanted to create metal objects, and this project can allow me to do just that!


This project shouldn’t cost more that £50, this includes the tools and equipment that I’ll need to operate the foundry. This project doesn’t need much working time to create so once I have all the parts gathered up I should be able to build the foundry in a day. To better manage my the costs of this project, I have created a simple costs spreadsheet that lists the necessary parts, their costs and where I intend to buy them from.


  • Metal foundry capable of melting Aluminium and copper
  • Created with plaster of Paris
  • burns coal
  • Easy to use
  • Decent enough size to fit a 2KG crucible inside with room for fuel and air
  • Lid for better heat insulation with handles to remove


Implementation and Testing:


Metal Foundry: