FPV Ground Station

Next Task: Waiting on paper design

For this project, I’m building an FPV ground station that can be used with my racing quad. This ground station will allow me to transport equipment and have a base of operations with an incorporated raspberry Pi for telemetry and other functions. In addition, it will allow me to show passers-by what I’m doing thanks to the large LCD screen, which can be used  to display my FPV downstream or my Pi desktop.


I don’t have a set deadline for this project, so I will have the ability to take my time and ensure everything is working perfectly and that the final product looks good. I don’t want the total cost of this project to be too high, the most expensive components will be the LCD, Driver and 5.8ghz receiver. Taking this into account I don’t want to spend more than £50 on this project. Once I have the funds set aside for this project, I shall order all the necessary components from various sources and supplier, once they arrive I shall begin the finalising the design and the build process.

Analysis and Specification:


  • Large LCD screen
    • * Driver board has HDMI and Analogue inputs
    • * Can be used for FPV or Raspberry Pi based Desktop
  • Lipo powered
    • * Can be run off a 3s Lipo Battery
    • * Can use another 12V power source (controlled by switch on dashboard)
    • * Lipo is connected to a low voltage alarm
  • Lipo Voltage displayed on dashboard
    • * Ran by a simple voltage display
    • * Prevents Lipo over discharge
    • Internal Raspberry PI for Telemetry and etc
    • * Internally raspberry Pi for access to a desktop, Openpilot GCS and Telemetry Downstream, Flight footage DVR via USB Video Grabber
    • * Powered via a separately toggled internal USB power out
    • USB Power Outs
    • * Can be used to charge FPV goggles, phones etc
    • * Powered from a UBEC stepping down from Lipo voltage
  • USB Ports
    • * Used for the Pi Desktop
    • * Uses Male to female extenders from a Powered USB hub
  • Battery compartments
    • * Padded Compartments
    • * Multiple compartments for multiple batteries
  • Internal 5.8 receiver
    • * RC805 receiver
    • * Surface mounted for easy viewing of channel and access to buttons
  • Switches to operate functions
    • * Large rocker switch section to control on/off functions of parts of ground station
    • * E.g. PI Power, LCD Pwr, Rx Pwr, LED light Pwr, Cooling fan Pwr, USB outs pwr
  • Surface mounted mini keyboard for Pi
    • * Allows for the Pi to be controlled easily
    • * Powered via batteries or USB
  • Storage Compartment or spare parts etc
  • * Close-able storage for spare connectors, props and tools etc


Implementation and Testing: