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Servo-Driven Robotic Arm

Next Task: Waiting on specification Intro: For this project, I wanted to improve my knowledge with Arduino programming, PWN outputs and mechanics. I though a Servo robotic arm would be perfect! I’m hoping to give this arm the ability… Read More

4WD Obstical Avoiding Sonar Car

Next Task: Waiting on Design Introduction and Project Analysis For this project, I wanted to create a simple robot that had the ability to detect walls and avoid obstacles. I’ve built a 2WD version of this before but since then… Read More

Mini Fridge Coaster – WIP

Next Task: Waiting on paper design Introduction and Analysis This project was an idea that was sparked by a video I saw on youtube about a thermoelectric phone charger. This charger used TEC1 thermoelectric modules to generate electricity… Read More

Homemade Power Bank

Next Task: Waiting on paper design Introduction and Project Planning For this simple project, I want to create a USB power bank, utilising some 18650 Li-ion batteries I have lying around from previous, smaller power banks. I want… Read More

DIY Workbench Power Supply

Next Task: Design… I’ve needed a decent, variable bench power supply fro some time. So I decided that creating y own would be a great idea, I can customise what features I want, and it actually works out… Read More

FPV Ground Station

Next Task: Waiting on paper design For this project, I’m building an FPV ground station that can be used with my racing quad. This ground station will allow me to transport equipment and have a base of operations… Read More