New Racing Quadcopter Frame! – Oynx

After having some difficulties fitting all my electronics into my previous racing quad frame, I looked at another design I found here. As you can see, this design looks great, I especially like the low polygon design and 3 part assembly. I aim to use this as inspiration when I create my own custom quadcopter frame (coming soon). The New frame will allow me to fit all my electronics in easily, and it will help protect my FPV camera during crashes.


First day at VirtuTechnologies!

Last Tuesday I started my first day of work experience at VirtuTechnologies in Skelmersdale. The experience was fantastic, Roger and the rest of the team were very friendly and I’m sure working at the office will be a great experience. During my first day, I was shown around the Office and shown the basics of how to use the CRM system. I look forward to my next day of training and any future experiences at VirtuTechnologies!

virtue technology

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VirtuTechlogies Interview

Yesterday I had a fantastic opportunity to visit VirtuTechnologies for an interview and potential job experience.Nerves got hold of towards the beginning, but as the day progressed my confidence improved. My trip to VirtuTechlogies was a great experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity!

3D Printing an RC boat

Today I decided to make a 3D printed boat design I found on The design uses a simple brushless motor based air boat design, which works out well as I have lots of spare parts left over from previous drone projects.

I have started printing out the parts and I will soon be moving into the build and test phases!