Let there be SOUND!

I saw this little Stereo 3W Bluetooth Audio amp module on eBay, so I decided to create a mini Bluetooth speaker. I already had a mid-sized speaker lying around from another Bluetooth speaker project, that project used a huge 60W speaker system and it’s loud. I call it big bertha because of its loudness!

This mini Bluetooth speaker will use a lithium rechargeable battery, I’ve picked up about 10 of them from PoundLand and PoundWorld. And that’s about it, it’s a rally simple side project! I’ll 3D print the casing because it is cheap and easy to do. The sound might not be as high quality as with a wooden case that can enhance sound acoustics, bu I’m sure it’ll work fine.

Here is a quick video of a pre-build test I did (Note to self, I need to stop recording these videos in 4K… XD this video took 30 minutes to upload!)

She’s Alive!

I’ve got my 3D printer back! *Hugs printer* The replacement board arrived just before Christmas and I installed it today. I also finished adding the case and additional cooling fan to help the board stay cool and dust free! I can finally get back to printing for my projects! Let’s hope it doesn’t break again!


Slicing foam, with FIRE!

The TEC1 Thermoelectric module arrived some time ago and I finally got round to building a mock up for the fridge coaster. This was only a test to see if my method of using a heated cutting knife would work, and how accurate it would be. As you can see below, it worked well, but the accuracy, not so much… I’ll need to either me a lot quicker with my cuts, or think of another solution.

Setting up a Web Hosting business

I’ve been interested in networking, servers and web hosting for a long time, and I’ve always wondered how the back-end of web hosting providers worked. I’ve been looking into the technology and software used in the web hosting insidery, and it got me thinking. I could do this!

In my local area, there are countless small businesses, ran by local people in the area. Most of these businesses don’t have a website, don’t advertise, some of them aren’t even listed on Google Maps! So I though, perhaps i could set up a web management company to help these businesses improve their online presence, getting them more customers and helping them to utilise the cloud for business management. May I present, https://cloudative.com/.

My aim for this business is to start off marketing to small, local businesses. providing a low-cost way to build a website, utilise google aswords advertising targeted at the local community, and use the cloud for business management, like an online booking system, CRM and accounting system. To keep costs low, I’ll utilise open source and third-party applications like WordPress to build sites quickly and utilise professional themes to create a stunning appearance.

Replacement Parts

So, even though it pains me to spend more money on this machine, I’ve gone ahead and bought a replacement MKS gen board for the 3D printer. It will be worth it in the end, I do use my printer a lot and it will come in handy for countless projects I’m working on.

The replacement I bought was this MKS gen V3 board. It’s tricky when buying replacement MKS boards, there are versions for printers with dual extruders and different boards for printers with dual Z motors. So, I needed to ensure I picked the right one. This listing looks to be correct and the product image looks correct. So let’s hope for the best!


RIP 3D Printer

Today is a very sad day… 🙁 My 3D printer decided to break on me. When i was working on my printer’s wiring, i must have moved a wire somewhere, causing a short circuit. So when i turned it on, i was presented with some magic smoke 🙁 . The replacement par twill cost around £30, so I’ll need to wait till after Christmas before i can order the replacement, and even then it will take a month to arrive.

For now, all projects that need something printing are on hold until i can resolve this issue.

New FPV Camera!

The HS1177 FPV camera I ordered a while back arrived today, i have added this to my racing quad. Future developments can be seen the the racing drone’s project page!


24V 10A Power Supply arrived

The power supply for my bench power supply unit arrived today. Now i can begin collecting measurements and making a 3D model!. I’m still waiting on some other essential components to arrive before the build.


Component Boxes

At work today I noticed these little storage boxes, they were 4 for 99p ( 81p for me 😛 ) so I thought I’d pick some up to store small electrical components. These are great, now all my resistors are stored separately and are marked clearly. I used some sticky labels from my thermal printer that I’d previously used for Matonics (My online business) to create the resistor value stickers. I’ve got some more transistors and other small components on the way from china, so these boxes are brilliant!



Just thought I’d make a post about it 🙂

New FPV Camera – HS1177 2.1mm

I’ve been wanting a decent FPV camera for some time. I’ve used my Sj400 action camera and an old 700TVL CCD camera to practice on, but now I want to use something proper. I’ve ordered a HS1177 FPV camera from Aliexpress. These cameras are brilliant, perfect fro FPV. I chose to go with a 2.1mm lens, so have a wide field of view, but without the annoying ‘fish eye’ effect.

Image result for hs1177


The new camera should be here within the next few weeks, once the new Racing quadcopter is complete, I’ll see how it performs!