Let there be SOUND!

I saw this little Stereo 3W Bluetooth Audio amp module on eBay, so I decided to create a mini Bluetooth speaker. I already had a mid-sized speaker lying around from another Bluetooth speaker project, that project used a huge 60W speaker system and it’s loud. I call it big bertha because of its loudness!

This mini Bluetooth speaker will use a lithium rechargeable battery, I’ve picked up about 10 of them from PoundLand and PoundWorld. And that’s about it, it’s a rally simple side project! I’ll 3D print the casing because it is cheap and easy to do. The sound might not be as high quality as with a wooden case that can enhance sound acoustics, bu I’m sure it’ll work fine.

Here is a quick video of a pre-build test I did (Note to self, I need to stop recording these videos in 4K… XD this video took 30 minutes to upload!)