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Passing Driving Test!

Whoooo! I passed my driving test on Thursday! Second time round, with only 1 minor fault! I’ve been wanting to get my full licence for ages, and now I’m free to go to events, pick up parts for my… Read More

Creating the Metal Foundry!

After a long delay, I finally managed to build my metal foundry. The design has changed a lot. I decided to use firebricks to create the housing of the force instead of casting one with plaster of Paris… Read More

Twitter automation!

Just added automatic tweets to twitter on my website!

RIP 3D Printer

Today is a very sad day… 🙁 My 3D printer decided to break on me. When i was working on my printer’s wiring, i must have moved a wire somewhere, causing a short circuit. So when i turned… Read More

Creating a Driving School Website

I’ve been looking for a driving instructor over the past couple of days and I have booked some tuition for next week. However, I noticed that my instructor doesn’t seem to have a website. This got me thinking, perhaps I… Read More