Category: IT and Computing

Making Ethernet Patch Cables!

I picked up a massive spool of Cat 5e ethernet cable last Sunday for £2, not a bad deal. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn to make ethernet cables. I ordered some JR45 crimps… Read More

Linux Visualisation using ProxMox!

I recently discovered Proxmox, and it’s ability to easily setup KVM and OpenVM virtual machines. I’ve always been fascinated by virtualisation and the technology, hopefully,  playing around with ‘ProxMox’ I’ll learn some new skills and create a fantastic home… Read More

Creating a Home network Map

My home network is currently a ‘botch job’ of cables going who knows where to who know what. So, I’m going to completely redo my home network, and make a few addition along the way. I’ve made a… Read More