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Drone Upgrades! – NEW HAT!!

My drone now has a snazzy new hat, well technically it’s a hood cover thingy that protects the electronics from damage and water. but I digress. I found THIS great design on ThingiverseĀ that look fab and would be… Read More

Adding GPS automation and Bluetoothto my Quadcopter!

This is brilliant! šŸ˜€ I;ve just finished adding a Ublox New 6M GPS module and Bluetooth module to my quadcopter (The larger ‘Photography’ one). This GPS module allows for the craft to fly by itself across a set… Read More

Photography Drone Flight and Altitude Hold Test!

I want for a maiden flight with the new ‘cleanflight’ firmware and board. The quad flies well, it’s really stable running 8x45s, however, is hovering and a little above half throttle , so I might try it in… Read More

Photography Drone Update

After a few crashes during the night, I broke some of the landing gear I had installed on my photography drone. I decided to install some new landing gear that I found here and 3D printed. These new… Read More