Category: DIY Electronics

Making Music responsive RGB Lights for my room!

I’ve always been massively into my music (And RGB LEDs), and since my taste is more into the electronic genre these light work be fantastic! So I whipped this up using a leftover strip of 505 RGB LEDs I had… Read More

Drone Upgrades! – NEW HAT!!

My drone now has a snazzy new hat, well technically it’s a hood cover thingy that protects the electronics from damage and water. but I digress. I found THIS great design on Thingiverse that look fab and would be… Read More

Testing BMS Modules!

These nifty little boards are BMS modules, used for Battery Management. They protect lithium batteries fro over charge, over discharge short circuit etc, which makes them great for creating lithium battery backs. Since I have an abundance of… Read More

Adding GPS automation and Bluetoothto my Quadcopter!

This is brilliant! 😀 I;ve just finished adding a Ublox New 6M GPS module and Bluetooth module to my quadcopter (The larger ‘Photography’ one). This GPS module allows for the craft to fly by itself across a set… Read More

Finishing Mini FPV Quad Build

Over the past month all the remaining parts to finish the Mini FP V racing quad arrived. I completed the build over the past few days. Everything fits rather well inside and I plan to add some 5V LEDs to… Read More

I’ve had a brilliant idea!

Regarding the clock LED button, what if I make it motion sensing? I could implement a PIR sensor that, when activated, triggers a transistor to activate the LCD LED. This would mean I only need to put my… Read More

Making a PCB for the clock

To connect all the components together, I thought it would be a better idea to make a simple PCB out of perf board and DuPont pins. This is a lot better than my previous ‘bunch of wires’ solution, and… Read More

Clock developments

The clock is coming along well, I have made a revision to the code. I had it previously set up where if the hour was ’00’ then to change the day. But because the clock would stay at ’00’… Read More

RTC Arduino Programming

I forgot I was doing this project… Anyways, I finally completed the Arduino code for my RTC clock. The code implements 2 main libraries, the RTCDS1307 library and LiquidCrystalI2C library. I used these extensively to help me create… Read More

Let there be SOUND!

I saw this little Stereo 3W Bluetooth Audio amp module on eBay, so I decided to create a mini Bluetooth speaker. I already had a mid-sized speaker lying around from another Bluetooth speaker project, that project used a huge 60W speaker system… Read More