Making a Drone Race Directory Website!

This website is going to be brilliant!

So, as part of my Level 4 programming apprenticeship with UKFAST, we’re going back to basics and using HTML and CSS to create a website. I chose to make a Drone race directory site, where pilots can set up a local drone racing event, for people to find and attend. I don’t know of an¬†existing dedicated racing directory site, so this could actually be useful for the drone racing community once it’s finished.

We’re currently just working with HTML and CSS. I have created this site, an image is also shown below.

As I progress through the apprenticeship, I’m going to use this site as one of my projects, adding new functions, and implementing different things as I go along. For example, I may add a proper directory system using PHP and JavaScript. I’m excited, to say the least! ūüėÄ

First Day at UKFAST!

Amazing introduction to the team at UKFAST today, a great way to start a future career. After the Monday company meeting and a tour of the UKFAST campus, we began our induction, learning about the history of UKFAST and the core values driving the business forward today!

Really looking forward to working with the techies and other apprentices!

Passing Driving Test!

Whoooo! I passed my driving test on Thursday! Second time round, with only 1 minor¬†fault! I’ve been wanting to get my full licence for ages, and now I’m free to go to events, pick up parts for my prtojects¬†without needing to rely on my parents and a whole new world of freedom! (In case you can’t tell, I’m rather excited! :D)

I got a car for my 18th birthday (Thanks, mum and dad ūüôā ) so I was able to get on the road the very same day, ¬£1,700 in insurance is a little disheartening though…

Image result for pass plates

Creating the Metal Foundry!

After a long delay, I finally managed to build my metal foundry. The design has changed a lot. I decided to use firebricks to create the housing of the force instead of casting one with plaster of Paris and sand. This would allow me to easily build and rebuild the foundry when needed, and expand it if needed.

To Build the forge, I used 10 Vermiculite firebricks, assembled into a cube to create an enclosed area. I also needed an air source to force air into the forge. To do this I used a steel pipe and a bubble bath machine, which worked really well.

For the fuel, I used regular BBQ coal, this worked okay but I need to experiment with other fuels. I Used a graphite crucible and tried to melt down some aluminum, and it worked!


Making Music responsive RGB Lights for my room!

I’ve always been massively into my music (And RGB LEDs), and since my taste is more into the electronic¬†genre these light work be fantastic! So I whipped this up using a leftover strip of 505 RGB LEDs¬†I had left over from the BTEC ItTsign project and used a music responsive LED controller to control the LEDs.

Image result for music RGB LEd controller

To power the LEDs, U made a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack utilising some old 18650 cells I salvaged from an old laptop battery. I then connected these to a 3S BMS, then jobs a gooden!

Here is the final product! Pretty cool if you ask me!! ūüėÄ

Making Ethernet Patch Cables!

I picked up a massive spool of Cat 5e ethernet cable last Sunday for £2, not a bad deal. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn to make ethernet cables. I ordered some JR45 crimps and a crimping tool and got started! As always, YouTube was my guide and this video was great.

I used this diagram to help me with the order of the internal wires.

Image result for ethernet cable wiring diagram

Here is my cable WIP

And here is my final cable!

And, as you can see it works great, I get the same rubbish speeds I always do ūüėõ

Drone Upgrades! – NEW HAT!!

My drone now has a snazzy new hat, well technically it’s a hood cover thingy that protects the electronics from damage and water. but I digress. I found THIS great design on Thingiverse¬†that look fab and would be a perfect¬†suit for what I need. So I printed one…

I’ve placed my GPS module conveniently on top and the hat also has a nifty¬†little hole for the FPV camera, PERFECT! As you can see, I’ve also added a GoPro camera gimbal, which will help to keep footage taken from the skies stable and wobble-free.

Testing BMS Modules!

These nifty little boards are BMS modules, used for Battery Management. They protect lithium batteries fro over charge, over discharge short circuit etc, which makes them great for creating lithium battery backs. Since I have an abundance of lithium 18650 cells, I thought I’d create a few battery packs.

Single cell BMS with external charging module

3 Cell BMS

A new Cloudative website!

We’re having trouble reaching new customer… outreach it’s hard! To combat this, we’re trying a new marketing strategy and opening the web hosting services to the general public! To try and keep this separate from the business oriented web hosting that Cloudative offers, we’ve made a new website under a .com domain!¬†https://cloudative.com/¬†

Through this site, the public can buy hosting from us, utilising our new WHMCS billing and automation system. Hopefully, this will allow us to reach more clients!