Adding GPS automation and Bluetoothto my Quadcopter!

This is brilliant! 😀 I;ve just finished adding a Ublox New 6M GPS module and Bluetooth module to my quadcopter (The larger ‘Photography’ one). This GPS module allows for the craft to fly by itself across a set map of waypoints, return to the launch coordinates and follow my as I walk. I’ve also added a ‘HC-06‘ Bluetooth module, which is great for talking to the craft via an android app called EZGUI.

(Yes, 3 of the legs are broken, pretend you didn’t see that…  it wasn’t me! :P)

To keep the GPS module safe from the elements during flight (especially in wet weather, which always seems to catch me mid flight for som reason). The case was downloaded from Thingiverse and can be found here.

With this new insight into flight automation, I planning automated flights across my local area, taking footage from the air. More updates coming soon!