About me

“Hi there! I’m Brad, I love tinkering with electronics and making things! This site is dedicated to showcasing my projects and interests, so feel free to poke around the site, leave comments wherever, and get in touch with me via the contact page!”

My CV: CV Download

A dynamic individual with a proven track record of self-development and progression. Awarded outstanding achievement in electronics. Currently employed part time for a fast paced UK retailer with volunteering experiences at a dynamic IT company.

Key Skills and Experiences

• Key experience with 3D printing and 3D modelling
• A passion for DIY electronic engineering, driven with firm groundwork building RC aircraft
• In-Depth IT hardware and software knowledge in multiple areas
• Confident in all areas of Microsoft Office, including Publisher, Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Online business experience with self-taught management skills in customer relations and outreach, monetary management and inventory control
• Excellent written communication skills with a keen eye for presentation
• Persistent and always pursuing excellence
• Caring, thoughtful and a hard working personality/mental attitude
Personal statement
I’m an eager, determined and positive-minded electronics enthusiast that is passionate about embarking on new projects and challenges. I enjoy researching and trying out new technologies/ideas and as a result, though a self-taught hobby and interest, I’m very knowledgeable about IT Software/Hardware and computing, 3D printing, 3D modelling, DIY Electronics, DIY drones/quadcopters and running small businesses. I’m currently seeking an apprenticeship with the hope of moving on to future employment.
Hobbies & Interests
I have a keen interest in 3D printing, 3D modelling, and electronic engineering. I especially enjoy building DIY drones/quadcopters and seeing them take to the sky excites me. I’m looking into developing my skills as an electrical engineer and I’ve taken on a range of DIY projects ranging from making my own electrical test equipment to radio control tanks and gadgets.
Employment History

IT Technician, Voluntary Work Experience (VirtueTechnologies), White Moss, Skelmersdale
(October 2016 – January 2017)

Achievements and responsibilities:

• This experience enabled me to develop many key skills within the IT industry, within an office environment and with customer support. As a voluntary IT technician, my role is to aid clients with IT related issues, manage support cases and be the forefront of client communications. Having worked closely with the rest of the team, I have not only been able to develop my current understanding of IT hardware and systems but gained vast experience and knowledge with large scale network management and IT systems installation.

Sales Assistant, Home Bargains (TJ Morris Ltd), Gower Street, Wigan
(February 2015 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:

• A pivotal role of my employment at TJ Morris was to aid and assist customers throughout the store and to portray a friendly welcoming attitude. This included showing customers where products were, answering product questions and aiding customers struggling with their shopping. I enjoy helping customers at work and as a result, I’m told that I naturally portray a positive and welcoming attitude to customers, contributing to a pleasant shopping experience.
• As my role is mainly on the shop floor, I am the first representation of the company that customers see. So it’s important that I present myself in a clean, tidy and friendly way. I always try my best to portray myself as professional, ensuring customers feel welcome.
• Another important responsibility is to constantly ensure that the store is clean and tidy, always keeping on top of any litter on the shop floor and wiping down any surfaces before putting out new stock. I personally like to ensure that any stock I have just put out looks clean tidy and easy for the customer before moving to the next to keep the store looking its best.
• One personal achievement I have gained is improving my confidence with my stammer, my time at home bargains has helped my push through that communication barrier that has held me back. Throughout my time and ‘TJ Morris’ I have gained customer communication skills and learned how to properly deal with the more difficult customers. This has allowed me to become more personally confident in day to day life.

Matonics (My small online reselling business)
(September 2015 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:

• My friend and I started this small online business in September of 2015 and we have been eager and determined since the outset. It’s our joint responsibility to run the business, taking and processing new orders, maintaining stock levels, researching and buying new stock and maintaining excellent customer service.
• A specific role I have taken up in the business is managing and keeping track of finances, I constantly checking spreadsheets and sales analytics to find new ways of generating a healthier profit. We started this business with a small investment of £30 worth of stock, now we have total value and turnover in the range of £5,000.
• Through running this business, I have developed lots of new skills including customer management, stock keeping, and a good financial understanding.

Cloudative (My small web hosting business)
(January 2017 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:

• Intrigued by the web industry, I started this business with the aim to improve my own knowledge, while opening doors to new opportunities. Marketing to small local businesses, we provide website hosting and build websites for clients. This has enabled me to gain vital skills and IT knowledge regarding web server and DNS technologies. I hope to pursue this business in the years to come with an eager mindset, with aspirations in sight.
• Responsibilities I have undertaken include setting up and configuring email systems, invoicing systems, payment gateways and site maintenance. In the near future, I look forward to talking greater responsibilities in the near future, including client website management and marketing.

St John Rigby College
(September 2015 – June 2017)

A Levels:
• ICT BTEC Level 3 extended Diploma – Equivalent 3 A Levels – Expected Triple Distinction Star
Up Holland High School
(September 2010 – June 2015)

• Design and Technology: Electronic Products – A*
• ICT (Information & Communication Technology) – A
• Catering – A
• English Language – B
• English Literature – B
• Physics – B
• Chemistry – B
• Biology – B
• ICT Core – M2
• Mathematics – C
References are available upon request.